Are You Financially Self Sufficient?

Are You Financially Self Sufficient?

Are you financially self sufficient?

You could be.

Affiliate marketing is the in way to make money online and help you to become financially self sufficient.

Whether you are looking for a second income to supplement a full time job or are retired (or disabled) and can’t quite make it on your pension alone.

Whether you are computer savvy or don’t even know how to turn a computer on.

Whether you can scrape together a few dollars or don’t know where next month’s rent or your next meal is coming from.

If you have access to a computer, your own, a friends’ or at the public library, I have the deal for you to earn some extra money and learn a whole lot at the same time.

It’s called Affiliate Marketing.

Most things that are bought online today are purchased through an affiliate. That means that you read about a product online and you click on a link to the product and when you make the purchase, the person who put the link in place, that you clicked on, gets a percentage of the sale.

It was just announced on the news today that 51% of products purchased, are purchased online.

I can hook you up with a system that will teach you how to place the links and make you the commission on the sale.

This will be your supplemental income. Or full time income if you wish to put in a little more time and commitment.

The system I speak of is called “Wealthy Affiliate“.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you, step by step, all that you need to know to build a website and get it online to advertise your niche in the market. To start earning money while you build your business, all while learning the system. All for free. Until you decide to upgrade to a higher package.

Wealthy Affiliate provides all the training and support you will ever need to succeed in the world of Affiliate Marketing. Support is provided by the online community, an online technical support team and you can even contact the co founders, Kyle and Carson directly whenever you need help.

And of course, I will also be available to support and help you.

Please leave any questions or comments you may have and I will get back to you ASAP.


Global Affiliate Zone Review – GAZ

Global Affiliate Zone Review


Global Affiliate Zone – GAZ

Monthly Cost – $99.00

Co-founders – Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang

Website –



Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) is an affiliate organization, as the name implies.

Their number one product is recruiting new members for their cause. Although they have only one product, that I am aware of that you push as an affiliate. To me it is more of an MLM approach to their sales. The individual that signs up for their system pushes this product and tries to recruit new members for their cause.

Pros and Cons

I did sign up for this system. They have a structured step by step learning program using videos and they suggest that you buy motivational books to help keep you pumped. During the video training they also talk about their product to educate you about it.

You can start to earn while you learn. Once your Facebook setup gets recognized and you pay for your advertising. This is above the $99.00 monthly fee.

When looking into GAZ, once I gave them my email address, I was bombarded with emails from numerous people trying to get me signed up. I watched several of their recruiting webinars and they are very convincing that you are going to make tons of money very quickly.

However, if you read their disclaimer on the website it does say that they have been in business a short time and do not have enough data to make a claim about average income. But, it does say you have to work at it and you may only make $500.00 to $2000.00 per year.

Who Is GAZ’s Program Aimed At

Their program is setup to accommodate anyone from novice to experienced technology users. If you just follow their system step by step you should not have any real problems.

Training and Support

As mentioned above, they use video tutorials, as well as, webinars. When you first get started you will also receive weekly calls from a one on one mentor to help you along your journey.

If you do stumble and need extra help you can submit a ticket for help or contact your mentor to get steered in the right direction.

You can also hook up within the community of members for “Mastermind” leadership weekends.

Final Opinion

When all is said and done I would have to say that I feel this is a legit organization. I just wish that they would have mentioned their product in the numerous emails and recruiting webinars.

I signed up and started the step by step lessons while considering their product and before 14 days were up I decided that I wanted nothing to do with their product.

They have a 14 day refund policy, which they honored with no questions asked. If they would be upfront about their product I never would have signed in the first place and waste 2 weeks of my time.

For more info about me and what I do, click here.

Any comments or questions? Please feel free to leave me a note.



Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Opinion

Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Opinion

Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100 points
Price: $0 (join here)
Owners: Kyle and Carson


Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

I am fairly new to Wealthy Affiliate, so I still have a lot to learn. But I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is truly a system that can bring in an income as you move along in the training and learn step by step from the members who have travelled the same road ahead of you. The owners, Kyle and Carson, have built this system from the ground up and are continually working the system and looking for ways to improve on their baby and are available, along with the rest of the membership community, to help each and everyone who would like to learn.

Who Is It For

This system is for anyone who wants to earn extra income. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced computer user you can accomplish great things with Wealthy Affiliate by following the lessons. I myself have had a computer for years but am really just a beginner when it comes to using the computer to try to use it for anything other than just playing games.

Training and Tools

The training involves following along with lessons on setting up website. You have a choice of two streams to follow to get started. Pick one and start your education on setting up a website at no cost to you. You will be introduced to all the tools and training you need as you go along as well as many areas where you can research further as ideas and questions come to mind.


You have at your disposal all the support you should ever need within the Wealthy Affiliate community. If you have a question you have training videos, classrooms and live chat to ask for what you need or look it up yourself. You can even ask questions directly to Kyle and Carson. The program is available globally so in essence help is available 24/7/365.


As stated earlier, the price to get started is $0. And it is suggested  that you get started this way to feel out the system. When you see the benefits of the system you have the option to move up to Premium Membership at $49.00/month or $359/year. Both a very good value for the education you  are getting, the income potential it can bring in, the community you can be a part of and the costs that Kyle and Carson have put in to create this unique opportunity.

Final Opinion

In my opinion this is the only way to go. Nothing is completely free in life. You can sign up for free but it will take time and dedication on your part to follow the lessons and put into practice what to learn to be a success. You can become the star of you family. You can leave the boss at the office and control your own time as you see fit. The only thing stopping you is you. Sign up NOW!


Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Ranking: 95 out of 100