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About Us


Hi all. Gord here.

Just want to give you a little background of how I got to where I am today.

I have been a long haul trucker for the last 21 years. Travelling all over North America with my wife, Deb, and our cat. We have travelled over 3.5 million miles over the road pulling different kinds of trailers with an amazing variety of freight.

With that many years of bouncing down the highway in a big truck our health has taken a beating. So we decided this past Christmas(2016) that we’ve had enough. We parked the truck and took the winter off.

We had been looking into different kinds of things to do to earn an income and I have been interested in computers for a while. I found several sites for work at home income and this hit a cord with me as I do not want to work for anyone. I aspire to work for myself, setting my own timeframe and hours. If and when I want to work.

I am not a morning person, so I do not have to set an alarm clock. I get out of bed when I want, have my breakfast, read the paper and/or magazine and then usually first thing after lunch I’ll start at the computer. I’ll start with a game or two, then read the news online, then my email and finally I’ll get down to business until dinner time. After dinner, it’s back to the computer until about 9 and then relax in front of the television until I decide to go to bed.

Deb is pretty much the same. Wakes about the same time as me. Have breakfast together and them she will do some work around the house while I get started on the computer. Sometimes she will do some baking. Other times she will sit in the living room and start up on her tablet. We try to work together making meals and general housework.

Of course this schedule varies depending on the day. If we need groceries or decide to go golfing or just wander around a mall for a change of pace, we are free to decide for ourselves when and how much we work.

You can have this lifestyle too, if you want it.

All it takes is desire.

Please leave a comment or question and one of us will get back to you.

All the best.

Gord and Deb






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