Global Affiliate Zone Review – GAZ

Global Affiliate Zone Review


Global Affiliate Zone – GAZ

Monthly Cost – $99.00

Co-founders – Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang

Website –



Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) is an affiliate organization, as the name implies.

Their number one product is recruiting new members for their cause. Although they have only one product, that I am aware of that you push as an affiliate. To me it is more of an MLM approach to their sales. The individual that signs up for their system pushes this product and tries to recruit new members for their cause.

Pros and Cons

I did sign up for this system. They have a structured step by step learning program using videos and they suggest that you buy motivational books to help keep you pumped. During the video training they also talk about their product to educate you about it.

You can start to earn while you learn. Once your Facebook setup gets recognized and you pay for your advertising. This is above the $99.00 monthly fee.

When looking into GAZ, once I gave them my email address, I was bombarded with emails from numerous people trying to get me signed up. I watched several of their recruiting webinars and they are very convincing that you are going to make tons of money very quickly.

However, if you read their disclaimer on the website it does say that they have been in business a short time and do not have enough data to make a claim about average income. But, it does say you have to work at it and you may only make $500.00 to $2000.00 per year.

Who Is GAZ’s Program Aimed At

Their program is setup to accommodate anyone from novice to experienced technology users. If you just follow their system step by step you should not have any real problems.

Training and Support

As mentioned above, they use video tutorials, as well as, webinars. When you first get started you will also receive weekly calls from a one on one mentor to help you along your journey.

If you do stumble and need extra help you can submit a ticket for help or contact your mentor to get steered in the right direction.

You can also hook up within the community of members for “Mastermind” leadership weekends.

Final Opinion

When all is said and done I would have to say that I feel this is a legit organization. I just wish that they would have mentioned their product in the numerous emails and recruiting webinars.

I signed up and started the step by step lessons while considering their product and before 14 days were up I decided that I wanted nothing to do with their product.

They have a 14 day refund policy, which they honored with no questions asked. If they would be upfront about their product I never would have signed in the first place and waste 2 weeks of my time.

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