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For me working for myself has always been my preferred method of income. Work from home is one step further along the path.

You can work from home as an employee of a company that allows at least some days working at home, to some that allow almost complete work from home. Most will insist that you spend at least a few hours a week at the office.

You could work from home as a franchisee of a larger corporation. This usually entails direct sales of some type which requires you to contact people and make sales or trying to convert these customers into becoming sales associates themselves. I personally have been involved in a couple of these types of arrangements and did not progress very far. I am not suited to this type of sales and did not like going to the monthly or weekly meetings and could not keep up with required motivational books and audio recordings.

My preference is to be totally self employed. Working at my own pace. Setting my own time schedule. Starting at the beginning with lots of support available and building my way up. This gives a much more satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

To do any kind of work from home business you must be prepared to get started. If you have the desire to work from home you need to override whatever obstacles that prevent you from getting started.

You should set up a schedule for when and where you are going to do your work. Day, time and place. If you want to work from your own home, a local coffee shop, a park or wherever you choose, it is up to you.

If you are easily distracted you will need a place that is quiet and undisturbed. My wife and I have set up the second bedroom of our house as an office and this is where most of our work is done. Although with wifi we can move around to anywhere in the house with the laptop, tablet or smartphone. I prefer the desktop computer, while my wife likes to lounge in the living room with her tablet.

There are so many choices of things to do to work from home. As mentioned earlier you could work for another company. You can work full time or part time. You can be a stay at home mom. You could do crafts, sales, tax returns, tech support, graphic design and many more ideas.

But let’s look here at entry level, self employed business with no investment to get started. Legitimate computer use website design and affiliate marketing.



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